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Happy Belated Annyversery =='
Posted on Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 11:11 AM | 0 comment(s)

First thing first .

Dearr Erfie Danny ; i'm really sorry for what i had done to you . Is my apologise accepted ? Maybe . Sorry sebab lately I selalu dingin dengan Youu . I sendiri ta faham dengan perangai I sendiri . I malas nak texting dengan orang . Tak tahu kenape . Including You sayangg . Yes ; i know it's sound stupid ; but that the truth .

Eventhough what I said was stupid ; but deep inside my heartt ; I never stop thinking about You . Just penyakit M I semakin kronikk . =='

Today ; 25/6/2011 baru I terhegeh-2 nak post kat blog about our annyverseryy . Padahal bende toh jady 22/2/2011 . Just pade malam I nak udate blog tohh ; blogger ade problem . Tak bule insert picture . Tak best lhaa . :|

Okayy ; dear .
Please take note what I'm trying to tell You .
Firstly ; I nak wish Happy Annyversery  yg ke 4 bulann . :)
Maybe orang kate . Baru 4 bulan kod .
Heishh ; yg 4 bulan toh yg sangat berharge dalam hidop I nh .
I cube untuk jd yg terbaik utk diri You .
Tp I tahu ; I ta mampu .
I tak layak untuk You .
You terlalu bak dengan I .
Sedang en I ? Bungko =='
I selalu naik suare dengan You .
Tp You still layan I macam tade pape yg jady .
Kadang-2 I rase kenape kite couple ?
Kenape kite still sampai sekarang ?
Jawapan die ialah YOU !
You yg buat i rase bahagia bile hidop bersame You Erfie .
Kite still being together until now ;
cause You sentiasa and banyak bersabar dengan sikap I nh .
Sikap yg cepat naik angin ; marah tak tentu pasal and etc .
Actually ; I tade niat langsung nak marah You sayangg .
Kadang-2 I ta dapat kawal perasaan I yg tak menentu nh . :(
I sayang You no matter what happen .
You the only one that can keep my love .